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What is our story?

We are Samantha and Rochelle, New Breed’s fearless founders. When we’re not in the kitchen creating new plant-based products and recipes, we’re in the community sharing our passion for health and wellness.

What is Plants on a mission?

We’re a New Breed of company dedicated to plants, people and the planet. Yes, we are earth friendly and committed to sustainability. But our primary focus is helping our communities improve their lives through healthier eating and education.

Does New Breed have protein?

We selectively source high quality plant-based ingredients to produce truly premium plant proteins.

How We Stack Up?

No animals. No GMOs. No gluten. No soy. No cholesterol.

What ingridients do we use?

Our unique blend of pea, brown rice, and algae delivers a powerful punch of protein and flavor…without all the saturated fats.

Why choose New Breed?

By choosing New Breed, you are choosing not only a new you, but a new world. Every purchase helps in our commitment to helping people make better choices through health education programs and nutrition enrichment workshops.